is her for me?

Yes! 100%. Absolutely.

I’m just kidding. I won’t be for everyone, and everyone won’t be for me. And that's ok. However, if you vibe with this feeling that we already connect, then I absolutely am for you! And if you aren’t there yet - let’s talk and open the relationship. I will never pressure you into going after your dream of becoming the future version of yourself that you never thought possible.

This is a no judgment zone. Because guess what? I don’t have it all together either, and that is what I think makes this connection so beautiful. I am doing this WITH you. This is a come with me type of relationship, never a look a me type of relationship.


I talk to so many women who are struggling to feel content where their feet are on their journey, regardless if they haven’t started trying for a family, are in the thick of it or are way past the stage of their fertility time. These women might have everything they want, or believe they know everything they need to do, yet they can’t put a finger on what is missing. There is a place here for HER. She deserves to feel and be the best person she can be regardless of the stage of her journey. She deserves to be happy in her pants, and out of them. (see what I did there?)

frequently asked questions

Below are questions I often get asked.

Still have a question I didn’t answer? Text or email and let's open the relationship..
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Yes. It's actually highly encouraged to create the life long habits you want, right now in your journey. Think about who you want to be as a mom. You can start showing up as the future version of yourself right now. Why wait?

It won’t. Not really. You don’t technically have to do anything different to physically get pregnant. But. You can be happier and more content in the wait. There is research about your egg quality moving into ovulation, and how the higher the egg quality, the stronger the embryo and well you get the picture. I am not going to help your chances of conceiving. I am a master of habit change, and what I do is support you in habit change to live your best life regardless of a baby bump.

Research is conflicting if stress actually decreases your chances of getting pregnant. Some say yes, some say no correlation.

Regardless, stress affects health. And health affects quality of life. I can get all nerdy here and talk about your nervous system and what happens to it when you repeatedly beat it down with stress. Right, your sleep is affected, digestion, mood, sex drive, etc. So, do stressed people get pregnant? Yes. But they aren’t always happy, or have a good quality of life. And then there are the studies that suggest stress decreases your changes of getting pregnant.. Because it can mess with your hormones, your cycle timing.. If you actually want to get in bed with your partner 😉

When working with her, we focus on the stress around you and inside of you to support an overall wellbeing. This supports both your mind and your body.

Research this: stress impacts your nervous system.. And your nervous system impacts all the things, including

You will have this visceral response. Like, you in your gut will know this is what you want and you will keep thinking about it. So do it, book the free call, what do you have to lose?

Totally. It totally works. Time and time again. But I don’t do the work for you, you do the work for you. I am there to stretch you, guide you and hold you along the way.

My answer is duh. You are ALWAYS worth the extra work. But maybe you don’t feel like that right now? Maybe you feel like what's the point? This will never work. I can never be that girl who shows up for herself and transforms. Let me tell you this. Yes. You. Can. and Yes. You. Will. There is this thing that we work on from day one, and it's called your critter brain. Its here to make sure you survive, so what you do.. Is guard yourself, and tell yourself all of these reasons why to avoid something. Take a deep breath and remind yourself, you are worth it.

Between the doctor's appointments, the medications and the personal support for yourself, you might feel like you are running out of space in the budget, or racking up debt like none other. I can’t tell you how you will personally afford everything, but what I can tell you is this investment into yourself, and your health will multiply your offerings in other ways. How you show up for your spouse, your partner, your family. It's hard to put a price tag on feeling good.

transform your infertility journey

I help ambitious women. I help hurting women. I help habits.

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