is God ok with IVF

Is God ok with IVF?

I believe God is 100% ok with IVF. I believe he set forth a series of events that would bring this into creation. I do not believe that IVF is playing God. I do not believe that I am taking matters into my own hands, and controlling my destiny. I believe none of this. 

I wanted to unpack this a little bit. I was talking with someone and mentoring/supporting her through her IVF journey.. And the second question she asked me was regarding being a christian and going through IVF. She was nervous about stepping on God’s plan for her life – and taking things into her own hands a bit. 

So the bible doesn’t really talk about IVF – because well. The science wasn’t there yet. But the bible does talk about other things in relation to following God, his plan and going forth and making disciples. Of all nations. So, does that mean go have sex and reproduce like rabbits – no – but it does mean go forth and share the good news – annnnd i feel like you creating off spring can fall into this category too. 

I honestly remember feeling this way too.. The uncertainty – what does God think? All the things that I can’t really get out because they are flying through my head. What is God going to think? Am i playing God? Am I stepping on his toes? Does he agree with this if he isn’t creating my baby. It’s so not natural. 

Ok, but either is a heart transplant. Or chemo. Or insert whatever other medical intervention and/or health thing we do.. Like can we talk about twinkies – twinkies should not be allowed to be on the market. The amount of chemicals in there could clean a stove.

I was thinking about these things.. And really in the heart of pondering what is next, what do we do next.. When there was this amazing sermon at church. I can remember who preached, what he was wearing – and I can remember where we sat, and what I was experiencing. What I was experiencing was this incredible sense of peace and moving forward – and without doubt and with intense certainty, I knew that this was our plan. That we were going to do IVF, that God was in total alignment with this. 

But for the life of me, I can’t remember the verse it was on. As I have done my research – I feel like it was in Colossians 1:15-16 – and it talks about all things in heaven AND on earth were created through him and for him. Boom.

So what my pastor was preaching on.. Is that God created the humans and their brains to have the authority in that field to create IVF – and that it was still created through him, and for him. 

And after this. I have never felt so at peace with what we were about to do. I did know it was going to be a success. I just knew it. I wish I could tell you otherwise, to support you and encourage you – I mean, there were times in the journey that I didn’t know if we would ever be parents – but when it came to IVF, when it came to this moment – I just knew. But success looks different. Was I certain that I was going to have babies? not necessarily – what success meant for me in that moment – was that this was going to be powerful. And it so was. I know that my babes are going to absolutely change the world. But I also know my work isn’t done yet – and I’m currently working through with my therapist – why I just can’t seem to let go of my embryos. And as we enter here into infant and pregnancy loss awareness – I am starting to get it a little bit more. I consider these embryos my kids. And I am still mourning the two embryos I lost. And I didn’t know that until my therapist called me out on it twice last week. In the same session no doubt. 

So here is my relation to you this week. If you are in the trenches of infertility and you are pausing or questioning or highly nervous/scared because you are worried about what God will think of you.. Or if it’s ok.. Or this or that.. Just know. He 100% created this science through him, and by him. And he is ok with IVF. That doesn’t mean it’s going to work! I have these beautiful cousins that have had two IVF cycles and no positive pregnancy test and they are strong believers and overall just amazing and God fearing. What I am getting at – is that he is OK with it.. But there still might not be a baby on the other side – but God is still there in those moments. I don’t know the plan for them, or you – but I do know that whatever it is – it is going to be amazing on the other side. 

If you are past the infertility trenches – maybe you’ve done IVF – maybe you totally did it and got pregnant naturally after still being traumatized by infertility – your takeaway here is that God still created everything on earth and in heaven – like wine. He turned water into wine.. And not just any crappy junk wine. But AMAZING wine. So – your take away here is let’s have a toast of delicious red wine to the big man upstairs because of a. Wine and b. Fertility treatments.. So seriously – let’s raise our glasses tonight! Cheers!

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