How to get pregnant, fast.

Have you ever googled this? I literally roll my eyes when I see this. That’s why I’m going to talk about it. Because, I’m sure I have given this a goog. Maybe you too. How to get pregnant, fast. Insert crying laughing face here. Like it’s that easy? But it is. It is that easy for some. If you are like me, you are thinking of her right now, the last girl who told you she was pregnant as she barely tried. You might even be her, reading this right now! 

The reality is, it is that easy for some people to get pregnant. The other reality, it isn’t easy for some people. Which is your reality? 

Which one are you saying right now, maybe for the first time – neither of them are bad. It’s ok that you or your friend gets pregnant right away. It’s ok. You are going to be ok, and so are they. I feel like us, who struggle to get pregnant have a different perspective on things, different life lessons learned, different growths… but I love my kids the same as the girl who got pregnant easily. I used to think that I would love them more, or I would cherish them more. But that’s not true. 

Moms who get pregnant easily and moms who fight like hell love their babies. End of story. Thos of us who have gone through infertility learn and experience different things along the way that completely change us, compared to the people in our lives who get pregnant easily. Do I love who I am now, vs pre IVF, pre Corbin, pre bedrest, pre 26 negative pregnancy tests – I do. I do love me now, but I don’t need these life lessons I learned – because my friend who didn’t learn any life lessons along the way, she’s also happy and pretty cool. 

So, it’s a reality – that it’s easy for some, and not easy for others. With no rhyme or reason to the suffering. 

Does that piss you off? It pisses me off. But not because I want everyone to experience what I experience. It’s actually the opposite, I don’t want ANYone to ever go through infertility. I don’t want to ever have to talk to someone who just found out IVF didn’t work. So why am I so bitter about the b*tch who gets pregnant so easily? It’s because it wasn’t me. And I’m jealous. Envious. And I think those emotions are ok to say and admit and to feel. 

Sometimes things just don’t happen for people. Or they do, but it was hell and back to get there. And then, sometimes things just do happen for people as well. There is no formula. No good deeds certificate. It’s just the way things are. And it sucks. It really does. 

So, how do you get pregnant fast? Well, when you actually do give it a goog – They tell you to have sex everyday, or at minimum every other day after your period ends, pretty much until it starts again. That’s what google says, anyway. But what I think.. Is how you get pregnant fast – doesn’t really matter. Sure, there are things you can do to have optimum success, like getting a good night’s sleep, drinking water, eating a nutrient rich diet, etc… but the other reality is that overweight alcoholics get pregnant. Chain smokers get pregnant. Those suffering from anorexia get pregnant… so, do I think there is a get pregnant fast trick? Nope. I think you try, and it will either happen easily, or it won’t. 

What I do think however, is that I wish more of us would entertain the idea of pouring into our bodies and our souls, the way we pour into getting pregnant. Getting pregnant and having kids is amazing, but it’s not going to ever change who you are at the core – and make you any different. You are still going to be you, and kids will only pull you in a million different directions. And if you don’t have a nice grasp of you, your self worth and you don’t pour into yourself NOW. How the hell do you expect to bring a family into the world and keep up? 

Instead of how to get pregnant, fast? – because I don’t believe in anything happening fast. It’s not realistic and it doesn’t seem to stick.. What if we flipped that to, how to pour into me, and take care of myself, fast? Then lose the fast. 

Are you someone who is so obsessed with something, or getting pregnant – or being this person that you have no control over.. Instead of using some of that energy to pour into you? 

I’m not saying that you need to be selfish – and you need to ignore everyone else, and choose you over and over again over others – but what I am saying is that maybe it’s time to take care of you. Maybe it’s time to, while you are yearning for a baby, a job promotion, the engagement.. While you are yearning – maybe it’s ok to find who you are, and honor her so that you can live a full life, even if things are shitty and not amazing. 

If you have no clue where to start- this is what I do. I am a health and life coach – and I would be honored to walk, run, skip, hide, jump whatever with you. Because, if you have googled this, how to get pregnant fast – and you are here right now – there is so much more to you than the ability to get pregnant. Let’s find her and share her with this world. Then, when you are pregnant and push those watermelons out – we can yell F yeah to you, because you are still you, but now a mom. 

Ok love you, have a very merry holiday if you choose to. If you don’t, that’s ok too. I’m proud of you and I’m rooting for you even if we haven’t met. Trust me, it’s this weird thing I have with you all.. I want to know you, I read your IG posts, I follow your stories. So, tag me or send me a message that you listened – because I can not WAIT to connect with you.  

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